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Creative Mocktails for Any Day of the Year

  • January 11, 2021
  • By Luanna

Tomorrow when I awaken, the slate will be clean, and a new day will stretch before me.

Lori Hatcher

Dry January is in full swing. Are you on board?

I started January (well, January 4th to be exact) with the goal to cut back on the alcohol intake. The Eat. Drink. Work. Play. hostess was enjoying her cocktails with her guests a bit much during the holiday season. To help kick start my goals to drink less, get healthier, and find clarity, I have chosen, like many others, to spend the first month of the year sans spirits. 

If you too are setting down your glass for “Dry January,” you may find it offers a much needed re-set and is well worth the effort, but it’s not easy. About now, the mid-way point in the month, you might be thinking about giving up on your goal as the new year motivation has worn off and the end is nowhere in sight.

Mocktails will save the day if you pledged to “cut back” on cocktails this year, to skip the extra glass of wine, or even to take on a full month booze-free! Just because alcohol isn’t in the mix, doesn’t mean we can’t still mix up some fun beverages. Let these recipes be an experiment in making something delicious and alcohol-free, while honoring your commitment to your health and well-being. 

So, let’s stir up some tempting yet completely guilt-free Dry January mocktails!

Creative Mocktails for Any Day of the Year

Detox Magic

This Grapefruit Tumeric Ginger Mocktail does more than replace your favorite drink, it gives your body detox superpower. It’s packed with good-for-you ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (not to mention a good dose of fiber, vitamins, iron, and potassium).

Ginger is spicy and uplifting, and excellent for supporting cardiovascular health. Tangy pink grapefruit is cleansing and the perfect citrus balance to earthy turmeric and ginger. (And Eat. Drink. Work. Play. even shared how to grow your own turmeric recently.)

Creative Mocktails for Any Day of the Year

Vacation in a Glass

Yearning for a winter vacation? Look no further than your own kitchen.

With this Strawberry Pineapple Agua Fresca, we’re “mock traveling” to Mexico. Agua Fresca stands are dotted all along the stone streets of most Mexican towns, and for good reason. This delicious fruit water is so refreshing and replenishes the body after a long day. This mocktail combines fresh strawberries and pineapple,a touch of sugar, and lots of ice. It’s delicious to drink throughout the day, so the bigger your pitcher, the better!

Creative Mocktails for Any Day of the Year

Feeling Cozy

There’s something about a well-made Cinnamon Pear Cider mocktail that just feels cozy. It’s the extra care, the attention to detail, and the warmth of company that makes enjoying a cocktail something special. The good news is that you can enjoy that same cozy feeling with a healthy, nonalcoholic Dry January mocktail, too! And the Cinnamon Pear Cider is the perfect recipe for the job. 

This cocktail blends some of winter’s best flavors into a cider that’s nutritious, delicious, and 100% Dry January approved. Spice it up and curl up with a cozy cider mocktail!

Creative Mocktails for Any Day of the Year

Winter Pick Me Up

This muddled Ginger Peach Mojito Mocktail will have you lounging and thinking of summer all January long. Use fresh or thawed frozen peach chunks to boost your immunity with vitamin A and C. Then, add lots of fresh mint, candied or fresh ginger, and ginger beer to turn your gloomy days and longing for a cocktail upside down. Who says January has to be dreary?!

Calm Clarity

After spending most of the day in Zoom meetings, you’ll need a little alone time to refocus. Take a 3 o’clock afternoon break, settle into your favorite chair, and pour yourself a Rosemary Blueberry Splash.

This cocktail tastes like a treat, but is actually an antioxidant-rich, mindful mocktail. The perfect balance of sweet and sour with the bright fragrance of rosemary is perfect for some mental down-time. Make it even better with a guided meditation to refresh and refocus.

BONUS! For Beer Lovers . . .

Dry January can be tough for football lovers who crave watching the playoffs with a cold, crisp beer. Thankfully, you don’t have to give up your growlers to keep your goal. 

While technically not a mocktail, why not satisfy your craving with a craft non-alcoholic beer? If you enjoy craft beer and want to settle in the recliner for a night of Netflix and nachos or put on the game, you can sip on an ice-cold Special Effects from Brooklyn Brewery. It has the same bright fruitiness and heavenly hoppy flavor of your favorite regular pale ales.  

Focus & Refresh this (Dry) January

Focus & Refresh this (Dry) January 

Whether you’ve pledged to stay sober this January, or you simply want to cut back, mocktails are the way to go! Not only do they offer a simple and delicious trade-in for your evening drink, they are packed with healthy ingredients that rejuvenate your body from the inside out. The only trouble is deciding which one to try first.

Cheers to a fresh start!

By Luanna, January 11, 2021
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    January 12, 2021

    Very timely and much needed for those of us who enjoy a refreshing cocktail. You have provided a group of mocktails recipes all of which sound delicious. I will certainly try them out out next time I reach for that second glass of wine. Luanna you may have saved my liver.

  • TG Baugh
    January 12, 2021

    Great for dry January. Actually great for people who don’t drink alcohol. I’ll be checking these out!

  • Sabine
    January 12, 2021

    As always I thoroughly decide to try one of those scrumptious drinks. Now we can have cocktails and the kids can join us too lol

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