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About Me

An Exploration of Life Through the Enjoyment of Food, Drink, Work & Play

Hi! My name is Luanna. I love to Eat. Drink. Work. Play.  Welcome to my world!

Like most people, my dreams and plans took me on an unexpected route. And my trip brought me full circle, right back to California, and ultimately my dream job.

It all began when I graduated from the University of Southern California with a dual degree in International Relations & Political Science (and a minor in French and Defense & Strategic Studies). I moved to Washington, DC-my version of Hollywood-to be discovered. My best laid plans didn’t work out, and I found myself working as a paralegal for a large law firm, which led to planning some of their events. Finally, there was some fun to be had in a sea of suits and [legal] briefs.

When I realized I wasn’t going to be a CIA Agent or the White House Chief of Protocol, I moved back to Southern California and worked my way up and around various luxury hotels. Along the way, I planned Presidential visits, supported celebrities and dignitaries during their stay, coordinated A-list rock concerts, found resources for discrete items, transformed ballrooms into gala events, and entertained in the Chef’s kitchen.

Most recently, I’ve worked in the corporate world with large teams, planning and coordinating everything from international incentive excursions for 100 people to large technology conferences for 27,000 people.  

Consequently, I have become a personal Chef for my beloved Bichon Frise’ dog, Oliver, as well as my family and friends. I am an adventurous traveler, a colleague to many who strive for greatness every day under layers of stress and laughter, and last, but not least, a wine and cocktail enthusiast. 
Through my stories, I seek to create a community here that inspires, shares, motivates, and cultivates all of the elements of our lives. I hope you will join me. Let’s Eat. Drink. Work. Play.

About Me
Hi! I'm Luanna
I love to Eat, Drink, Work and Play. Welcome to my world!

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