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Valentine’s Day Essentials for 2022

  • January 21, 2022
  • By Luanna
Valentine’s Day Essentials for 2022

My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.

William Shakespeare

Just when you’ve taken the tinsel off the tree and all the wrapping paper has been packaged away, the time comes once again to decorate your domain for yet another festive fiasco: Valentine’s Day! 

Whether you’ve been eagerly awaiting it, or avoiding the thought of it altogether, February 14th has a habit of impacting everyone’s winter. 

A true celebration of love, this day is a chance to honor all the connections that fill your life; whether those relationships be of a human nature, or your special bond is between you and a furry friend, Valentine’s Day is dedicated to love of every shape, size, and breed! 

It’s not just their hands you’ll be holding; VDay gifts are a traditional token of affection. Read through my Valentine’s Day Essentials for all the eating, drinking, working, & playing items you’ll need to share the love this year! 

Valentine’s Day Eat Essentials

It’s no secret that the holidays can be less than relaxing, and St. Valentine’s special day is no exception. If you’re feeling the pressure to impress a new flame, or flat out brain-fried at the thought of planning yet another celebratory event… 

Take a chill pill (or gummy, in this case) with CBD Gumdrops from Lord Jones! This is more than just a pretty package; inside you’ll find 9 brightly colored Blood Orange candies crafted with natural fruit essences and 20mg of mega good vibes. 

Perfect as a pacifying pre-date treat for you or your special sweetie and under $50, these confections are the cure to all of Cupid’s prickly arrows! 
Price: $40.00

Planning a festive feast for a fancied fellow? No dinner is complete without a warm basket of bread. But did you know those yeasty treats could be the complete meal, themselves? Paul Hollywood, the yummy celebrity baker and judge of the Great British Baking Show (and other addictive and delicious programs), certainly knows a thing or two on the subject, and he has poured all his best bread advice into a book appropriately named: Paul Hollywood’s Bread

With six chapters full of succulent & simple recipes, this is the Valentine’s Day gift that will keep on giving all year round! 
Price: $19.29

My pals over at Pasolivo have perfected the art of meal prep with their Spicy Dipper’s Delight set. This combination of Basil Olive Oil, Tuscan Balsamic Vinegar, a Mary Judge Dipping Dish, and Spicy Italian Blend, will elevate any meal from merely good to glorious. 

Described as a “guaranteed palate pleaser,” this kit is as perfect a gift for your significant other as it is for your aunties! No matter who you share a Valentine’s dinner with, don’t forget to bring the flavor. 
Price: $97.85

Don’t feel like going all out for your meal in? Let fate decide the future of your feasting with a pair of Takeout Dice

Handmade with bamboo, maple, and oak, these wooden cubes are the eco-friendly cure to any couple’s hunger! Each side is carved with the title of different delivery options you know an love, so no matter what you land on, your stomach (and partner) will be satisfied. 

The dice are extremely customizable to each customer’s preferences; whether you’re in the mood for Barbeque or Breakfast for Dinner, this Valentine’s night will be one to savor! 
Price: $28.55 

Valentine’s Drink Essentials

The sweeties at Sweets & Treats have your love potions covered with their Valentine Cocktail Set!

No VDay is complete without some very special, handcrafted cocktails, but that doesn’t mean that every ingredient needs to be sourced from scratch. Let your liquor do the sweet talking tonight with an Edible Glitter Jar & enough Sugar Crystals for 20 tantalizing tipples. Your date will swoon when they get a look and taste of your colorful cocktails!
Price: $20.00

Sure, sugar and glitter are the cherry on top of any drink worth its salt, but if you’re unsure how to craft the perfect cocktail for your crush, you need to begin with the basics. Romantic Cocktails is nearly 200 pages of mixology mastery by Clair McLafferty, craft bartender & author extraordinaire! With more than 100 cocktail recipes spanning from Love Potions to Zero-Proof, this book is best for anyone looking to raise their romantic vibrations with the art of libation. Price: $19.95

There’s no more iconic item on any Valentine’s Day menu than chocolate covered strawberries. Sweet, sumptuous chocolate encasing juicy berries is enough to turn on anyone’s palette. If you’ve gone all in on your meal, you will still have enough room to truly enjoy these little treats! The Republic of Tea has liquified the flavor we all love with their Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tea

A romantic recipe of roasted yerba mate is the base for this blend of cocoa beans, white chocolate, and sweet summer strawberry. It’s the decadent dessert tea you and your date can enjoy indulging in without any discomfort! 
Price: 12.75

Together, you and your S.O. make the perfect pair. You’re a duo dedicated to enjoying all the finer flavors in life, so this Valentine’s Day fall in love with a luxurious Glendronach 12-Year Original Whiskey & White Cheddar pairing experience

If you’re looking to upgrade your game this year, you’ve come to the right place. You know that it takes a perfect balance of intensity and spice to keep your relationship nice, and that’s just what you’ll find in this blend. Your partner will be weak at the knees when they get a taste of the sharp, yet sweet, flavor profiles bursting out of this pairing. 

Price: $105 

Valentine’s Work Essentials

Valentine’s might be a special day for you and a certain someone, but this year it falls on a Monday, which means some of us will have to bring the spirit to our coworkers and/or customers too! 

Make sure all your work-related packages make it to their recipient with romantic flair by protecting their goods with FunPak® Plant Based Pink Heart Shaped Packaging. These sweet little sustainable superheroes dissolve on contact with water but are durable enough to protect your precious items! 

The tiny treasures are also creative crafting solutions for valentines of any age; just lightly moisten their base and they will stick to almost any surface. 
Price: $7.95

There’s nothing like a warm embrace from someone you love. Wrap up your treasured tech in the seasonal symbols with a White Hearts Laptop Sleeve by Wouf. 

Made in Spain, these sleeves are armored to protect your amour with security stripes and dense foam. Each detail, down to the leather trimmings and eco-ink prints, has been designed with Mother Earth in mind, so you can give back to more than just your loved one. Wear your heart on your sleeve this Valentine’s Day! 
Price: $60.00

Flowers are a treasured and ancient symbol of love all over the world. From red roses to blue violets, the best way to represent romance during your Valentine’s workday is by keeping blossoms close at hand with a Rose Gold Floral Pen

Crafted with authentic dried flowers, these luxury ball points are the perfect gift for a fellow coworker or yourself. Those Valentines won’t write themselves! 
Price: $9.00

If the majority of your Valentine’s day is spent behind a computer screen, fielding endless Zoom meetings and emails that feel far more annoying than anything remotely approaching aphrodisiac, you may be in need of an emotional detox (not to mention a stiff drink) to help you get in the mood for l’amour. 

Luckily Goop’s gone for all of the above with their “Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak! Blended with the highest quality Himalayan & pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts, this soak will bring you back to life  and love this VDay! 
Price: $35 


Love is not a game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get playful with your presents this Valentine’s Day! 10 Reasons I Love You is an adorable yet ultra-personal pick for the person who means more to you than any simple card can convey.

In this customizable book, you get to humanize the illustrations by matching the facial features to yourself and& the object of your affection! Every page will feature a different “I love you because…” reason to reveal how you truly feel about the recipient. These books are printed by skilled artisans on the highest grade materials to ensure your message of love lasts a lifetime! 
Price: $43 

Maybe the best way to say ‘“I love you’” is to show your S.O. that you see their need for some post-Valentine’s night shut- eye! 

Brooklinen’s Mulberry Silk Eyemask is an ideal offering for anyone you love that who treasures some serious beauty sleep. The sumptuous pink silk will protect your lover’s skin from friction damage and will remain cool to the touch, no matter how steamy your night may get… This breathable, beautiful item gift may just become your new favorite mask!
Price: $29.00

Want to go a bit deeper than decorations and dark chocolate this Valentine’s Day? Get the Love Language card game for you and a special playmate! 

150 questions are printed onto beautifully designed cards crafted to catalyze meaningful conversation about connection, life, and love. Taking turns, you and your partner can embark on an exploration of your unique attachment and elevate to a place of better communication, all while playing a simple card game! 
Price: $24.95

Want to give flowers to the one you fancy, but crave a more personal touch? Try making your very own bouquet during a Virtual Flower Arranging Class by Petaleon! Anyone can run out and swipe their card to at the supermarket or local florist and walk out with a colorful bundle to bestow upon their loved one, but few actually take the time to craft one themselves. 

Floral arrangement is the art of love actualized; is there any more meaningful gift than one that creates a lifelong memory? 
Price: $45-$149

By Luanna, January 21, 2022
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  • Stacy Kopper
    January 22, 2022

    I’m not usually a GOOP fan but the idea of a Martini bath soak sounds lovely.

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