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The Best Gifts for Pets to Unleash Your Holiday Spirit

  • December 5, 2021
  • By Luanna
The Best Gifts for Pets to Unleash Your Holiday Spirit

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is barking loud for all to hear.


The Best Gifts for Pets! It’s that time of year again – the giving season is u-paw-n us! And if you’re a pet lover (or have a pet lover in your family), you already know that means it’s time to treat our beloved pets to something special.

But with so many options, shopping for pet gifts can be overwhelming. To help you avoid picking up lack-luster last-minute gifts from the mall pet shop, we’ve fetched some of our favorite gifts for cats, dogs, and pet parents.

Ready to be this year’s best Santa Paws? Read on to find the best pet gifts for your furry friends to eat, drink, work, and play! 

Eat: The Best Gifts for Pets

Stuff Spot’s stocking with healthy treats, made from all-natural ingredients. This all-natural jerky, with flavors like bison, turkey vegetable, turkey venison, wild game or sockeye salmon — is handmade by Love Your Pet in Park City, Utah. The jerky provides a plentiful source of flavor, protein, vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids without added hormones, antibiotics, flavorings, preservatives and pesticides. And if it can meet my Oliver’s high standards for flavor, then look no further for your furry family friend. Monthly club packages available for the best gift for pets that keeps on giving all year round!
Cost: $19.99 for each package of jerky; cost varies on other items

Why buy treats when you can make them yourself?! Like a waffle-maker for pets, this treat maker pops out perfect treats portions for your pup in just a few simple steps. Pair it with a dog treat cookbook (like this one). 
Cost: $40.00

Sometimes you need to earn your treats! That’s why this puzzle-shaped licking mat is both fun and rewarding for pets. Place your pet’s favorite soft treat inside the winding puzzle mat and watch them entertain themselves for ages. Aside from being a great distraction, licking has been proven to calm pets down and reduce anxiety. The mat stimulates saliva production which cleans teeth and supports healthy digestion. This best gift for pets is a win-win-win!
Cost: $13.00

Drink: The Best Gifts for Pets

Nothing ruins the aesthetic of your well-designed kitchen like a big plastic water bowl. Instead, treat yourself (and your pet) to a custom food and/or drinking bowl that looks great fabulous in your home. Choose from 10 different inside glaze colors and customize with your pet’s name (up to 20 characters). 
Cost: $21.71

best gift for pets

The Bonza Large Collapsible Doggy Bowl is perfect for the pet owner who loves to walk, hike, or adventure with their pet. Not only does it make it easy to keep dogs hydrated and safe while exploring, but it’s also lightweight and compact for owners to carry. 
Cost: $11.89

the best gifts for pets

Chateau La Paws doesn’t just make great wine inspired by man’s best friend – they also give back to animals in need with every purchase. Give your pet-loving parents a gift of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or Cabernet Sauvignon while helping support the planet’s furry friends. 
Cost: $14.00

Work: The Best Gifts for Pets

best gift for pets

Bring out the inner-hunter in your pet with this teaser toy. Along with its irresistible faux-fur tail that squeaks and rattles, this toy also features a super-strong nylon cord for tough tuggers. The Tail Teaser is easy to use for all pet owners, no matter their age or ability level. 
Cost: $16.99

Bath time is hard work. Make it more relaxing with this elegant pet wash from Aesop. This gentle shampoo is great for any pampered pooch – even those with sensitive skin. Botanicals like lemon rind, tea tree leaf, and spearmint leaf work to cleanse and deodorize fur with a scent that will have you snuggling your pet all night. 
Cost: $39.00

the best gift for pets

Help the pet lover in your life stay cool, calm, and collected during their workday with a candle that boasts about their precious pet. The Pet Collection from Scripted Fragrance features our most beloved dog and cat breeds. Oliver is particularly partial to the bichon (and dauchsund) candles.

Play: The Best Gifts for Pets

Cats need an enriching home environment – complete with vertical spaces and climbing structures in order to be their happiest. That’s why this multipurpose cat scratcher from Primetime Petz is such a great gift! Much more than just a place to scratch, it also offers a perch and storage for a cat’s favorite toys. 
Cost: $29.00

the best gift for pets

For rough and rowdy players, this ChewRing is an excellent playful gift. It has been engineered to be virtually indestructible and suitable for even the most aggressive chewers. In fact, Monster K9 is so confident that their toys can withstand any chewer that they offer a lifetime guarantee. Bring it on!
Cost: $19.95

the best gift for pets

For the dog who has it all, how about a subscription to BarkBox? BarkBox combines the best of treats and toys in each monthly themed box. Give a single box or a full year’s subscription to the special pets in your life! 
Cost: $23.00

Happy Pawlidays from Eat. Drink. Work. Play.

Money spent spoiling our pets is never wasted! We hope this list of purrfect pet toys has inspired your holiday shopping for the pets (and pet parents) in your life. From our pack to yours, have a fun and loving holiday season with your four-legged family!

By Luanna, December 5, 2021
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  • Stacy Kopper
    December 5, 2021

    The waffle iron is tots adorable! Need to get one for my furry niece Garcie.

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