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The Spring Fling Cocktail

The Spring Fling Cocktail

Today was one of those days! After a week of near constant rain in Southern California, the sun was warm and bright, the air smelled crisp and fresh and the hills were painted green with growth. After a productive day of exercise, writing and organizing, it’s time for a reward — a Spring cocktail!

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By Luanna, April 25, 2020
Infused Water Recipes to Stimulate & Hydrate

Infused Water Recipes to Stimulate & Hydrate

Hello! My name is Luanna! And I don’t drink enough water! I know, I know….The benefits of water consumption are endless for one’s health. Just last month, Harvard Medical School published an article on the benefits of drinking water, especially for older adults, and the positive impact it makes on the human body.

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By Luanna, April 20, 2020
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